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The DoRunDoRun Project


DoRun 1. Developing and Supporting the Women's Economic Independence Model


- Technical training center for Nepalese women

This is a project for empowering women through technical training and improving women's lives financial self-sufficiency.

- The 'Gender Cafe' for the groups of vulnerable Cambodian Women.

The Gender Cafe is a women's network activating project composed of groups of garment workers, street vendors, entertainment workers, and the victims of eviction.

- The women's economic empowerment modeling project

This project operates by networking together women based on different trades such as women's handcrafts, bakeries, and cafes which help local Asian women (such as Nepalese women) overcome poverty and contribute to local economic development.


DoRun 2. Education for the Research and Development of Policy


- International development cooperation and gender educational work

This is a program focused elevating awareness of gender issues and strengthening the abilities of private organizations.

- DoRunDoRun Talk Concert

A discussion forum with guest speakers on various topics concerning women in the field of international development cooperation.

- Study seminar

A seminar concerning the importance of gender issues and human rights in the field of international development cooperation. This focuses on finding a direction and practical strategy for the Asian women helping project.


DoRun 3. International Development Cooperation and Gender Advocacy


- An international solidarity and advocacy project for gender mainstreaming in international development cooperation.


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