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The History of DoRunDoRun




The Foundation Conference. Election of Park Young-sook as Chairperson of the Board



The 1st Talk Concert - Nepalese Women’s Story



The 2nd Talk Concert - After the "Don't cry for me Sudan"


2012. 07

The 1st Monthly Study Seminar


2012. 05

Supplied Goods for Saraswati Elementary School in Nepal (Sponsored by the Korea Foundation for Women)



Began Operation of the Sewing Skills Training Center for Nepalese Women


2013.05 - 2014.12

Support for the Sewing Skills Training Center for Nepalese Women (Sponsored by Sallimi Foundation)


2013. 06. 14

The Extraordinary General Meeting. Election of Pilwha Chang as Chairperson of the Board


2013. 07

The 2nd Monthly Study Seminar


2013. 09 - 11, 2014. 09 - 11

‘International Development Cooperation and Gender Based General and Focused Education (Sponsored by KOICA)


2013. 11

Forum with National Assembly - 'Sustainable Development and Gender'


2014. 01 - 12

Support of Cambodia GADC's "Gender Cafe" (Sponsored by The Beautiful Foundation)



Discovery and Support of the NGO Projects (Selected by KCOC, Sponsored by KOICA)

2015. 01 ~ now 

 Baking training to increase income for the the Nepalese women , (sponsored by KOICA)


2015.05 ~ 06 

 2015 Self Design School 'To seek economic and social potential of the Asian Women'


2015.05.01 ~ 12.31 

 Nepal Earthquake Support - Fundraising for the reconstruction of Nepal



 Park Young Sook Funds awarded



 Registered as a Nepal local NGO in Social Welfare Council (SWC) " Asia Women Bridge Nepal"



 Representative of Gender Committee, KOICA Development Alliance Korea (DAK)



 Nepal DD Bakery Cafe Open



 Fundraising Night for DoRun DoRun



 Nepal Bakery Cafe & Cooperatives established (sponsored by Community Chest of Korea)


2016.01 ~ now 

 Neighborhood Cafe Project - Village Community Empowerment Projects for disadvantaged Women in Cambodia (sponsored by Babonanum Foundation)


2016.01 now 

 Opened Nepal DD Bread Factory for the most vulnerable women in Nepal (Lalitpur area)


2016.03. ~ 04 

 DAK Professional Education - International Development Cooperation and Gender



 Be a KCOC member organization



 Cambodia Se Rey Cafe Open (Battambang area)



 Fundraising Night for DoRun DoRun to celebrate 5th anniversary



 Vision Workshop (TBC)

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