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Asia Women Bridge DoRunDoRun





Asian Women Bridge DoRunDoRun is a NGO to become the bridge between women who wish to share what they have and women in developing countries in need of financial aid. DoRunDoRun is volunteering to become the bridge between those who wish to give and those in need to receive.


In Korean, 'durun' means 'the sound of many people talking in affectionate undertone'.

We wish this association to become a place where Asian Women may come and talk together in affectionate undertones, Also, by putting together the words 'do' and 'run' we wished to portray the image of an active and adventurous Asian Women.


The Aims of the Asian Women Bridge DoRunDoRun


Developing and supporting an alternative economic model and enhancing sustainable development and world peace through reinforcing the politics, society and culture of developing countries are the aims of DoRunDoRun.



The Main Works of the Asia Women Bridge DoRunDoRun


1. Support and development of a model of economic independence in a woman from a developing country.


2. Support of programs that promote gender equality and human rights protection in developing countries.


3. Research, education and policy development relates to international gender mainstreaming.


4. International solidarity related to international development and the promotion of cooperation enhancement projects.


Address : #308 NGO Center, Seoul Women's Plaza, #18 Yeouidaebang-ro 54-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea (156-808)

Tel : +82-2739-6253, +82-704207-6253

Fax : +8270-4207-6254

E-mail: dorundorun.korea@gmail.com



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