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Asia Women Bridge DoRunDoRun is running a bakery training center and capacity building trainings for Nepali women. We support women to be economically and socially independent through our project.

1. DD Cafe, the Training Center and the Cafe


Opened in Sep. 2015, DD Cafe is the beloved place in Nakhipot neighborhood. DD Cafe is a training center for nepali women who have learned bakery skills and want to work or practice. Women can learn everything about working in the cafe and how to run their future shop. Training including making fresh items like sandwich, drinks and coffee using espresso machine, managing and service.

DD cafe offer many kinds of bread(white/brown bread, many kinds of doughnuts, sausage bread, buns, cookies, cakes), and drinks including good coffee and tea. DD cafe also offer fresh items like all kinds of sandwiches, burgers and tasty breakfast menus. Since 2015, DD Cafe became famous in Nakhipot area. Most of the customers became regular customers, satisfying with good service and fresh delicious bread.

We participate festivals and markets like flee market and food market. We regularly participate in Korean Market held in Beautiful Coffee(Sanepa, Lalitpur). This year, DD Cafe participated K-POP festival held in Kathmandu, we promoted our project and bakery to customers.

You can easily find DD Cafe, it is located just next to the Nakhipot bus stop. You can easily find bright-yellow-color cafe that remind us warmth and sweetness of the bread.


Contact us:


Nakhipot Sports Ground, Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel 01 6924433


2. Bread sharing program

From 2015, we have been sharing bread made by our staff and bakery training students. In 2015, we shared bread to SATH SATH, the local NGO supporting street children and earthquake victim’s camp. In 2016, we keep share our bread to SATH SATH and we started to share with Shree Mahalaxmi Lower Secondary School located in Nakhipot once a month since June.


3. Capacity Building Training & Middle Management Training


In 2016, we opened 2 training for nepali women who want to get a job or start a business. First one is the Capacity Building Training, including the leadership of women, women empowerment, marketing and management, how to start a small business, who am I and basic account etc. The training course is not only learning from books, but also including actual practice like making own business plan and presentation, dealing conflicts with co-workers.

First class started in June and the second class started September and still is going on. After first training, 4 women who took the class want to open a shop. So, we’re preparing together to open a shop right now.

Middle Management Training is 1-month training for employees in DD Cafe and DD Bakery. This training is more advanced course for managers. Training including what is being a manager, how to manage, dealing conflicts in the office, leadership, advanced account, computer(basic and MS OFFICE) training.

Since the 2 trainings are very practical, students said it was helpful a lot to be confident and brave to start to work. We continue this training in 2017, and we’ll add more training and workshop about gender equality and women empowerment next year.

* The training center(DD CAFE), Capacity & Middle management training and Bread sharing program  are supported by Community Chest of Korea.

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