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Asia Women Bride DoRunDoRun is running a bakery skill training and bakery factory to empower disadvantaged women in Nepal. We support women can be economically and socially independent for sustainable future.

1. Bakery Training for Nepali Women


DoRunDoRun is running a bakery training center for Nepali women who are economically and socially disadvantaged.  We started to open a bakery training in 2015, and from now, there has been 3 basic training courses and 2 advanced training courses. Right now(2016.11.2.) 3rd basic training is on going. The training is divided basic and advanced course. In basic training, trainees can learn basic of baking, how to make many kinds of bread and cookies. In advanced training, they can learn how to make pastry items and cakes, desserts and chocolate. During or after the advanced training, we are running internship program so that trainees can learn and practice what they learn and prepare for the future.

In September, we participated the ‘Master Baker Challenge’ held in Kathmandu. Surprisingly, our student(Alisha Shrestha) was awarded the first ranking of the cake making&design challenge! She competed with 5-star hotel chefs in Nepal, she got it! It was an amazing achievement for her and us, because there’s almost no women in baking industry in Nepal. This event inspired a lot to our trainees and people in Nepal.

2. Opening a Bakery Factory

In 2016, we opened a bakery factory 25th May in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Nepal. Since the beginning of this year, we have prepared to open a factory for more job opportunity for women. Although the process was difficult, we had to prepare a lot for opening a new factory-finding a perfect location, hiring new staff, interior, purchasing equipment.

We had a big opening ceremony in May, and we named our factory “DD Bakery”. DD Bakery is running by 7 amazing staffs, one is the chef baker, and 2 bakers are from the bakery training of 2015 and 3 of them are new members who just graduated from this year’s bakery training. The last staff is for marketing and delivery.


DD Bakery produces all kinds of delicious high-quality bread and pastry under the hygienic condition. One of our specialty is anyone can order decoration cakes according to their taste and need. We are famous for various designs and taste.

Right now we offer many kinds of bread to Beautiful Coffee(located in Sanepa, selling fair-trade coffee) and cafes in Lalitpur area. We try to widen our range to support more women’s economic and social independence. If you’re interested our project or want to taste our mouth-watering bread&pastry, contact here:


DD Bakery

Kumaripati Ward No. 19, Lalitpur, Nepal

Tel 01 6923675

* This project is supported by GYEONGSANGBUK-DO, Gyeongsangbuk-do Multicultural Family Support Center, Community Chest Of Korea.

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