[2013/2014/2016/2017/2018] International Development Cooperation & Gender

(With KOICA & DAK, 'Civil Society Policy Cooperation Program')

Funded by KOICA for three years from 2022 December, this project aims to strengthen the international cooperation practitioners’ capabilities to understand gender equality policies (policies in a broader sense) and incorporate them into international development programs. In detail, it consists of three columns that intertwine one another: Policy and Research, Empowerment, and Networking. The first column, Policy and Research, mainly focuses on regularly producing briefs on current gender-related knowledge and trends in international cooperation. The second one, Empowerment, includes two educational courses that directly educate international cooperation practitioners; one for beginners and another for intermediate level. The last Networking pursues to foster citizens who advocate gender equality projects in international cooperation programs and supports their voluntary empowerment activities or participation in related global events.